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The benefits of competition dance will stay 

with your dancer for a lifetime!



We are an award-winning competition dance team with the highest quality choreographers, who are leaders in the dance industry.

Participation in competitions build self-esteem, commitment, dedication, discipline and team-work ― important skills that benefits dancers throughout their life.  Team members will train for regional and national competitions.


Congratulations to our Dance Team for winning several top awards.  If you have a boy or girl that wants to dance at a higher level, is mature (mentally focused), hard-working, energetic, has good listening skills, self-motivated and will practice, practice, practice we would love to have them audition.  

Our teams consist of the follow age groups:

● Junior (ages 8-12)

● Teen (ages 13-15)

● Senior (ages 16-18)

AUDITIONS: If you are interested in auditioning for our competitive dance team, please call the studio at (770) 787-4333 for more information.


We do not believe in “winning at all costs.”  At Rhythm Elements, we choose to focus on excellence and having fun while competing.  Although our choreographers have produced many top scores and trophies, our achievements are not based on the number of trophies won.  We want students to enjoy themselves, do their very best, and be proud of their accomplishments.

In addition to competing in two regional competitions and one national competition, dancers will perform in the community at special events, professional venues and be part of our annual year-end showcase production.  Other opportunities include exposure in the entertainment industry.  

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"The competition dance team has been an awesome experience for my grandson.   His dance and performance skills have improved so much thanks to Rhythm Elements and will take him far."  ― James B.