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Dress Code

Please adhere to the following dress code as it ensures the instructor’s ability to see joint and muscle work and make necessary corrections.   The dress code is standard at most accomplished dance institutions.   Failure to abide by any of the dress code rules may result in the class instructor asking the student to sit and watch the class instead of participating.

  • Loose or dangling jewelry presents a safety hazard, and dance attire other than proper dance skirts are a distraction for dancers and are not allowed. 
  • No Isotoner slip-ons for ballet shoes.   All ballet shoes must be leather.  
  • Girls: tights are to be worn underneath the leotard.   Please sew on all shoe elastics and tuck in drawstrings.   No halter style leotards.   Hair for girls for ballet must be pulled back off of the face and neck into a neat bun.   If hair is too short to be pulled back into a bun, please wear a head band to keep the hair from falling on the face.   For all other classes, hair for boys and girls must be out of the eyes and off the face. 
  • All clothing and shoes should be marked with the student's name.
  • Dance attire that you will change into must be carried in a proper dance bag.  
  • Students should not wear leg warmers, sweaters, skirts or extra clothing of any kind in the classroom.   Long-sleeved leotards (not sweaters) are appropriate in cold weather. 
  • A cover up must be worn over ballet dance wear to and from the studio.
  • Dance shoes (ballet, jazz, tap) must never be worn from home to the studio and from studio to home to prevent injury and damage to shoes.
  • Hair: Pulled away from face.   For tumbling classes, beaded braids are dangerous to the eyes.  Avoid ponytails or buns in the center of the head that will limit your child’s tumbling abilities.  


Girls –  Basic pink leotard [no skirt or tutu attached], full footed pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Boys – White t-shirt, black shorts or pants, black ballet shoes, and black tap shoes.


Girls – Basic pink leotard [no skirt or tutu attached], pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Boys – White t-shirt, black shorts or pants, black ballet shoes.


Girls  – Any solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Skirt optional.

Boys – White t-shirt, black shorts or pants, black ballet shoes.


Girls – Solid colored leotard, black jazz pants, tan slip on jazz shoes.

Boys – Shirt same as ballet class attire.


Girls/Ladies – Dance shorts with tights worn underneath or dance pants, tank top or fitted t-shirt.  Flats or heels.  Generally, heels are not worn until a child is in their teens.

Boys/Men – Any color T-short, gym shorts or pants and black tap shoes.  


Girls –  Any solid color leotard, pink tights, tan slip on jazz shoes, hair pulled back off face, fitted shorts may be worn over the leotard.

Hair must be neat and pulled into a bun. 

Boys –  Black dance pants, plain white t-shirt, lyrical dance shoes.


Girls  – Hair must be properly secured and tied up off of the face and neck.  Leotard (pink, black or tan), footless or transitional tights. 

Fitted dance shorts are allowed over tights.  No pants or skirts are allowed.   Tan slip on jazz shoes, dance paws or open modern sandals are permitted for turning purposes.  Knee pads recommended for all levels.

Boys  – Black or white solid color T-shirt, gym shorts or dance pants.  Black jazz shoes, dance paws or open modern sandals are permitted for turning purposes.  Knee pads recommended for all levels. 


Girls: Any solid color leotard with tights, or fitted top and jazz pants or other close fitting Capri style jazz pants, jazz shoes.

Boys: Any solid color fitted T-shirt, or tank, jazz pants, or other close fitting gum shorts, jazz shoes.

LEOTARD: Acceptable style is the standard scoop neck camisole, tank, capped sleeves and long sleeves.  Unacceptable styles include turtle necks, extremely low-cut backs or high-cut legs, double-straps, keyhole backs, banded backs, halter straps, criss-cross or any other strap or see-through designs or other non-traditional types. 

NOTE: Undergarments should not be worn with the leotard and tights excepting bras when appropriate.  Underclothing, including bra straps must not show when wearing a leotard and tights.


Girls/Boys: All – Colorful t-shirt with no logos or writing, sweat pants or basketball shorts.  Absolutely no below the belly button pants or sagging pants allowed.  Shoes: Sneakers with a smooth bottom or athletic shoes only.


Females –  will wear a lapa [African print wrap skirt worn around the waist and hips] with bike shorts underneath.  

Males – will wear dabas or shokatoes [loose fitting pants] or gym shorts with a t-shirt.  Bare feet for males and females.  


Yoga pants, spandex shorts, fitted top, leotard, tights, gym shorts and t-shirt for boys, jazz shoes or dance paws.  Sneakers/bare feet not recommended.


Form fitted top, leggings and tan turner half-sole shoes.  


Lycra and cotton shirts and tanks, black shorts and sneakers with socks.     


Comfortable clothes made with stretchy, breathable fabrics.  Knee pads are needed for floor work and can be purchased at the studio.  Wear a heel that gives you full foot and ankle support and is comfortable.  Heels that's no more than 3 inches in height are best for beginners.  Wearing a heel brace is recommended.  Do NOT wear open toe heels - your foot will slide forward over the edge.  Shoes with backless heels are to be avoided as well.   


Leggings or yoga pants, a fitted tank top and socks with special grips on the soles.