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We believe that the performing arts should be accessible to everyone, and is an integral and enriching part of life.  From first-hand experience we have seen the positive affect that the arts have made in the lives of many youths.  We know we’re not just building great dancers, we’re building great people.

Due to the aftermath of the pandemic and rising inflation, our studio families are struggling to keep their children actively engaged in the arts.  Our Fine Arts Scholarship Program will help families who cannot afford the financial cost of classes.

Please consider giving the gift of dance to a child in need.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference.

All funds donated will be used solely for our Fine Arts Scholarship Program.  Financial assistance will be determined by application and may be based on need and/or merit.

Donation Suggestions:

$68.00 donation cover 1 month (4 classes) of dance.

$100.00 donationhelps purchase dance shoes, tights and leotard for one student. 

$136.00 donationcover 2 months (8 classes) of dance.

$408.00 donation cover 6 months of dance classes for one student.  

$680.00 donation cover 1 dance season (10 months of classes) for one student.

Donate now safely and securely with PayPal, and directly impact a child today!

We are fiscal sponsored and under the auspice of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Thank you for your kindness and support.  

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