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Summer Dance Intensive

The Summer Dance Intensive program is a challenging summer experience that will accelerate your dance training and help you achieve technical and artistic growth. Summer Intensive is for motivated dancers ages 8–18. Students will take classes in Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary. These exciting, fun classes are taught by experienced guest instructors from the metro Atlanta area. To register, call (770) 787-4333. 

Happy Best Friends Day!

June 8th is National Best Friends Day! Honor your closest and dearest friends on Best Friends Day, and let them know how much they mean to you.  It is so wonderful to see our students learn social skills, and build friendships at the studio that will last a lifetime! #BestFriendsDay

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The Power of Dance

Dancing releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream that helps relaxes you and make you feel so much better.  Dancing is a great way to improve your overall mental, emotional and physical health! 

Cheer Workshop 

Rhythm Storm Cheer Workshop coming soon in May! Call (770) 787-4333 to learn how your child (ages 5 to 16) can become part of our dynamic Cheer Youth Mentoring Program.  

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Rhythm Storm Cheer Squad Tryouts Reminder!

Rhythm Storm Cheer Squad is an exciting and fun youth mentoring program.   Don't miss our tryouts this Saturday, April 13th at 1:30 p.m.  Call (770) 787-4333 to reserve your tryouts spot.  Tryouts Fee: $10.00 per person.  

Naturefest 2019

Do you love nature? Come join the the Porterdale Tree Board in celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day at the first ever NatureFest.  This event takes place on April 26, 2019 and  is FREE admission for the public.   (There will be a few activities that have fees attached.)   

Participants of all ages will enjoy tree climbing, jumbo yard games, tree planting demo and so much more.   Plus there will be a screening of the Lorax following the event!

Naturefest is made possible with the help of the  City of Porterdale, Panola Mountain State Park, and Georgia Forestry Commission.  The Yellow River Park is located at 739 Railroad Street, Porterdale, GA  30014.

 Benefits of Cheerleading for Girls

By Susan Diranian

Cheerleading involves more than just cheering the home team to victory or performing crowd-pleasing stunts.  It provides many physical, mental and emotional benefits for girls, too.  The National Cheerleaders Association, or NCA, explains that cheerleading teaches important life values such as preparation, dedication and working together as a team.  According to the NCA creed, cheerleading is simply a practice for the larger arena of life.


Cheerleading might help keep girls more focused at school. According to information collected by statisticians via the National Cheerleaders Association, 82 percent of cheerleaders maintain a grade point average equivalent to a B or higher.  Some might credit school requirements of maintaining a minimum grade point average in order to stay on the squad as motivation to study and get good grades, but the NCA proclaims that excellence in school ranks as its No. 1 priority. Maintaining good grades might provide cheerleaders exciting opportunities such as academic honors or scholarships.  The study also notes that 82 percent of cheerleaders are accepted into college.


Many might argue that cheerleading is not a sport, but the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators argues otherwise.  Cheerleaders practice and perform various stunts and gymnastic-like routines, dance, clap, stomp and cheer.  Cheerleaders must expend energy to get the crowd involved in the game, to toss a fellow cheerleader into the air and catch her in their arms. Cheerleading provides a strength-training and cardiovascular workout that keeps girls healthy and fit, as well as maintaining a positive attitude.


Cheering the team to victory as well as staying healthy and physically fit are some examples of how cheerleading helps boost self-esteem. Cheerleading also promotes the importance of dedication, desire, preparation, and perseverance.   All of these values play an important role in the lives of cheerleaders now and will follow them throughout adulthood and into their relationships, families and jobs.  The NCA also promotes the value of working together as a team, the value of hard work, and the importance of putting in your best effort.


Cheerleading not only forms relationships among the girls on the squad, but also helps bring families of team members together. Through winning, losing, and hours of practice and hard work, cheerleading helps girls bond and form lifelong friendships.  It is a sport that builds school spirit and a sense of community at school and in their lives.

Tumble On In!

We have a few spots open for our fun Tumbling classes! Tumbling will help develop your child's flexibility, agility, strength, balance and improve overall fitness. Tumbling is a great skill to add to dance training and excellent for those pursuing cheerleading. Call (770) 787-4333 today to claim your child's spot!

Ballroom Dance Classes

Learn how to dance Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Salsa, East Coast Swing, Bolero and more with confidence and style! Our experienced instructors will introduce you to the world of partner dancing, help develop your strengths and teach you how  to dance for weddings, anniversaries, parties and more.  Meet new people, great exercise and have a fun time.  Getting started is as easy as picking up the phone and calling (770) 787-4333 or sending us an email at [email protected]   We also offer specialized classes in Carolina Shag and Wedding Dances.   

Combo Ballet/Tap & Street Jazz Classes!

Your child will have fun and feel like a rock star in our exciting dance classes for boys and girls! Ages 3 years old to teens.  We perform year-round to give your child opportunities to shine on stage and grow as a dancer.   Hurry! Call (770) 787-4333 to register your child while space is available.  

Love this dance quote!

Passion is what motivates us.   Commitment helps us to keep going and be inspired while doing it.  Passion and commitment are the cornerstones to becoming a successful dancer. 

Dance Tips for Beginners

Listen to the Music and Find Your Rhythm

People dance because they are inspired to dance by a beat or rhythm.  At its most basic form, a dance might start with a foot tap to a catchy rhythm, and taking the movement further, it becomes a dance.

To be a good dancer you need to be able to feel the music and express that feeling with your body.  For the beginner dancer, it is important to become familiar with the rhythm, so get your hands on some music related to your chosen dance style and listen to it at every opportunity.  Try out a few basic steps in the comfort and of your own home to build up your confidence.

Written by: Real Buzz Team

10 Reasons Why All Boys Should Dance

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa

#10.  Strength, coordination, fitness, agility.  Dance keeps you in condition and makes you strong and fit for other sports – and life in general.

#9.  Dance builds strong, healthy muscles and bones.  It’s also good for “posture, deportment and aesthetic formation,” says Shaw Coleman, male freelance dancer currently working in Europe.

#8. Team work.   Dancing is more of a team sport than you’d think. Performing in a group routine or company hones team skills that will come in handy in all areas of life and work.

#7. Adventure.  Because there are so few male dancers in relation to females, the jobs available to men are particularly significant.  Dance can see you travelling all over the world, working with inspiring people in incredible locations.

#6. Mental strength. The discipline required to be a dancer is beneficial to any area of life.  Dance teaches perseverance, focus and the importance of positive thinking.  “Learning discipline will help you succeed in any other pursuit,” says Shaw.

#5. Self-esteem and confidence.  Dancers are forever putting themselves in challenging circumstances, such as on stage or in a difficult dance class.  If you can slay a dance floor, an audition or a stage performance, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything. Because you can.

#4. Health benefits.  As well as body awareness and general conditioning, dance has many health benefits.  According to Better Health, these include improved function of your heart and lungs, improved brain function and psychological well-being.

#3. Creativity and self-expression.  A dance studio is a safe place where people are free to express themselves creatively.  Dancing also helps to process emotions that are difficult to put into words.

#2. To be a leader not a follower.  It’s sadly common to be bullied for enjoying dancing, but in the long-run, it’s you who will come out on top.  Bullies usually do what they do because they are unhappy, so don’t give into peer pressure; lead the way and let them know you don’t care what they think.  You may even inspire them when they see how much fun you’re having.

#1. Everyone thinks it’s cool.  Seriously.  Even if they pretend otherwise, they are secretly envious of your dance floor ability.  Plus, adds Shaw: “Girls like guys with skills!”